Why we do this

I’m Brandon Kleinman, the founder of Time Capsule.

One afternoon, while at a deli with my Papa (above), he told me a story from his college days at the University of Illinois. It was about how he’d defended a few friends who were being bullied at the campus mess hall. The story blew me away. Not only did I see some of myself and my mom (his daughter) in the story, but I realized that all of these moments would be lost forever if I didn’t ask the right questions and record the answers. Even worse, my cousins and I would never fully understand just how deeply connected we are to this wild and lovable man. So, over the following week, I spent hours interviewing Papa, and Time Capsule was born.  

At Time Capsule, our number one priority is helping your family stories live on for generations. That’s why we focus on customer care, ensuring that your loved ones won’t get shy or stuck while sharing their stories, and the thing that makes everyone special survives for generations.

Don’t hesitate to email me with questions. When you start a Time Capsule, I feel personally responsible for helping you capture and protect a small piece of your family’s story.

I hope you get as much from Time Capsule as my family has.