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Time Capsule is a living time capsule of the people and stories that make your world matter. Through simple recorded video answers, every time your family asks you a question through Time Capsule, you’ll be gradually creating an interactive shared legacy that, much like a family photo album, only gets more valuable with time.

Your Story

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Imagine a place where your family can record their memories, tell their stories, and protect them for generations to come. A living breathing digital record of what makes your family, your family.  A place to get to know a totally new side to your own parents? or hear what your parent’s parents were like when they were kids. Time Capsule is your personal time machine. Through our smart interview process, you and your family can start building a world of stories that uncover surprising discoveries, heartfelt messages, and meaningful moments, all from the people you love most.

Shared forever

A lifetime of memories

Save your family’s memories to enjoy again later.  We believe in the importance of always feeling connected to the ones we love. That’s why we guarantee your family’s stories will be stored safely in our 100-year digital vault. That means the lifetime of memories and experiences Time Capsule captures from your family, can be Time Capsuled for a lifetime.

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