Keep Your Family's Stories Alive

A customized, unique, one-of-a-kind book that tells the story of your loved ones. So they can be re-read, treasured, and shared across generations.

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52 Hand-picked Questions

to learn about your loved ones

500-page Hardcover Book

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A Lifetime of Memories

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How often have you heard someone say

"There's so much of Grandpa in you, I wish you could have known him..."
"Why can't I remember that story dad always told?"
"I wish I had asked my mother that..."

Too often, the stories of our family history get lost as our loved ones pass away.

At Time Capsule, we help you record, preserve and pass down those stories. So you can stay connected to the ones you love, now and always.

How it Works

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We'll send them a question each week, for a year

Every Sunday, a preselected question will be sent to their email.

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Add and change questions anytime you wish

You and your family can choose to add your own questions or ours.

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Stories are bound into a book to keep forever

Print as many copies as you'd like, for the whole family.

Preserve the stories of your loved ones forever

Discover another side of your family

Take the time to listen to the stories of your loved ones, and learn more about them and from them, before it is too late.

Stay connected with those who matter

With their stories, you’ll have a piece of them that you can keep with you. No matter how far apart you may be, and even after they are gone.

Pass down the family heritage

With Time Capsule, your kids (and their future kids) will always know they are a part of something bigger. And they'll have a memento to hold on to and re-read whenever they need a reminder.

The most heartfelt, personalised gift

Give your loved ones the gift that will make you a hero, the chance to feel seen and heard. Your family will talk about it forever.

Don't miss out on connecting with those who matter

We know how easy it is to get caught up in day-to-day life, and miss out on connecting with your loved ones. We want to help you make sure you spend the time doing so, before it's too late.

Get Your Time Capsule Memoir

The best way to record and preserve the stories of your loved ones, so you and those who come after you will always be able to stay connected to them.

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    • 52 Interview Questions Handpicked For You
    • 10 spots for additional family to suggest questions and observe stories
    • A Lifetime of stories and fun reliving what makes everyone special
    • 1 Beautiful Hardcover Book (more copies available upon request)
    • 500 color printed pages (Extended books available)

    Frequently Asked Questions

    What do I get with my purchase?

    The classic Time Capsule includes 52 prompts, spread out over one year, emailed to the book’s hero. Once all questions are answered, they are organized into a beautiful museum quality book. Unlimited supporters (family and friends) can sign-in to ask or add questions, and read any completed prompts.
    You will be prompted to double check your answers so we can get your book printed for you! Once it's approved, you'll get your book(s) within 2-4 weeks from the day of approval. It is normally much faster, but we like to leave room for the quality control process.
    We create the books with material that will stand the test of time. Each book is 6”x9”with a fabric cover that comes in multiple different color options and pages that should patina a bit with time, but maintain their readability. Each book can contain pictures, light formatting (bold, italic, underline) and everything else we allow you to do in your story bay aka the editor.
    Yes! We have a list of 500 questions that have been tested over 1000s of interviews covering 30 different general topics. Besides being able to pick out tested questions, you can also easily create questions that you want answers to. Picking questions is as high or low a commitment as you want it to be!
    Yes. You can change questions at any time before saving an answer. There's also a "change question" option in the weekly email. Once you save your answer to a question it cannot be changed.
    We love to see visuals added to your stories! We support JPEG and PNG formatted photos.
    Your questions are always waiting for you to answer them in your account. You can even answer early! We will list all of your questions out in your account so you can get to them at your own pace.
    Yes! You can edit or add on to stories at any time.
    Yes. Time Capsule is a place for family; and that includes both the ones we are born with and the ones we choose. Simply invite them on your “Life Page” to get them started.
    Of course, most people do! Each book is an additional $50 each, and $40 each for quantities over five.