Someone you love wants to tell you a story

The Things That matter

Your life stories, made into books

Each Sunday for a year, Time Capsule sends your loved one a question via email or voice (coming soon). Our fifty-two questions have been tested to elicit vivid tales, which will ultimately create a full and linked narrative. They can be answered at your loved one’s own pace as well as enriched with photo and memento uploads. There’ll also be a few heartfelt surprises for you throughout the year.

Your Story

Discover another side of your family

Time Capsule creates living, breathing, account of what makes your loved ones unique and beautiful. It’s a way to get to know a different side to your parents, to hear what your grandparents were like as children, to complete what might be a complex family saga, and so much more. Time Capsule is your personal time machine. Through our smart interview process, you and your family will build and protect a world of stories, heartfelt messages, and meaningful moments.

Shared forever

Magically turn their life stories into a book

Save your family’s memories to enjoy again later.  We believe in the importance of always feeling connected to the ones we love. That’s why we guarantee your family’s stories will be stored safely in our 100-year digital vault. That means the lifetime of memories and experiences Treasure captures from your family, can be Treasured for a lifetime.

grandparents and child

How it Works

Every Sunday we send them a preselected question about their life.

Sent right to their email box.

You and your family can add and change questions anytime.

Choose ours or make your own.

At the end, the stories are bound into a book for you to keep forever.

Print copies for your whole family!

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