Family Legacy Tribute Book

What My Family Legacy Tribute Book Did For My Family

A family legacy tribute book is the perfect way to show your parents and grandparents how much you appreciate them. It can also be a wonderful gift for any special occasion, like  birthdays, anniversaries, or holidays.

A family legacy tribute book is a compilation of stories, photos, and other memories that are shared by family members. The book can be as formal or informal as you’d like – you can write short anecdotes or long essays. You can also choose to include only the memories of older generations or include memories from all generations.

My family legacy tribute book showed me that my grandma was hiding that she was the most interesting person I knew. She was born in China and when she was only four years old, her family had to flee to Taiwan during the Chinese Civil War. She grew up in a refugee camp and never really had a "normal" life. Despite all of these challenges, she always managed to have a positive outlook on life. She was an amazing artist and loved to sing and dance. I learned that my grandma's most important task was making sure my Mom was cared for. She even gave up her role in the national ballet to work to send my mom to special school. The portion of my Family Legacy Tribute Book that talks about her childhood is something I will hold close to my heart and remember forever.

The Stories In My Family Legacy Tribute Book Will Last For Generations

All these stories shared with Time Capsule turned out to be the reason my mom always thought being the rock for our family was her top priority. She's always been the one who manages to keep everything together, even when things are tough. She's always been there for us, no matter what.

Time Capsule’s family legacy tribute book was helpful in ways I couldnt have anticipated. It would have been impossible to get answers from anyone in my family about some of the topics  covered in the process. I'm not sure if it's cultural or that they are worried about hurt feelings, but they wouldn't have told me 80% of what I learned. One of the things that we found most helpful was their customer service in resources in helping my mom get comfortable speaking.

Including my parents and grandparents in our family legacy tribute book is a special way to show our love and appreciation for them. It’s also a way to ensure that their memories will be preserved for my future generations. So gather your photos, stories, and memories, and start creating your family legacy tribute book today!

I know that my parents will be so pleased when they see the family legacy tribute book that I made for them.

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