Family Legacy Gift Ideas

The gifts that brought my family closer

Coming up with great ideas for family legacy gifts can be a daunting task. How can you help preserve your family legacy with a gift? How do you show your family that you care? Not to worry. We’ve got you covered. Here are some of the best family legacy gift ideas to add to your shopping list:

  1. We recommend Time Capsule, the newest, easiest, and most meaningful family legacy gift idea out there. With Time Capsule, your loved one answers a question each week for a year. At the end of that year, the answers are bound into a beautiful book that will bring your family together in ways you can’t yet imagine. And at $99, this legacy gift idea won’t break the bank.
  1. One of our favorite ways to celebrate family legacy is through art. connects customers with artists from around the world. This is one of our favorite best family legacy gift ideas that can cost as little as $15 for a personalized family print, or as much as several hundred dollars for an original oil painting of your family. We recommend reading the vendor reviews and choosing a vendor with a high number of sales. 
  1. If the loved one in mind is into gadgets and likes to video chat, the new Amazon Echo Show also makes for a best family legacy gift. The 8-inch touch screen allows you to make calls that auto-center users. When not in use, it can become a digital frame with all your favorite photos and memories. This device makes the cut for best family legacy gift ideas because it helps keep you in touch so you can make even more memories with loved ones. 

When it comes to DNA and family trees, here are some more of the best family legacy gift ideas.

  1. Look no further than This OG site allows members to search billions of records and start piecing together their family story. It also offers a DNA testing kit to uncover genetic legacies. And because it has provided millions of families around the world with both answers to and questions about their family history, it makes our list of best family legacy gift ideas. Ancestry offers a variety of packages starting at $99. 
  1. Another of our best family legacy gift ideas that will require a little spit for a report is 23andMe. Also a genetic testing company, 23andMe provides users with automatic family tree building, DNA relative finder, and enhanced ancestry features, among other things. Packages for this family legacy gift idea start at $99. 

There you have it: The five best family legacy gift ideas for you and your family to have and experience for generations to come. 

To see what your own family Time Capsule might look like, get started here.