The Best Gifts For Grandparents Of All Ages

Best gifts for grandparents

Grandparents. They’re from another generation. Sometimes another country. We don’t always understand them, but we love them all the same and never want to forget them. So how do we show our love with the best gifts for our grandparents? Maybe your grandparent likes cashmere or crystal, but this list of best gifts for grandparents is all about interaction and making memories.  Here are five ideas for the best gifts for grandparents:

  1. We’re kicking off this list with our most unique gift for grandparents: Time Capsule. This is the Rolls-Royce of grandparent books. With Time Capsule, your grandparent is emailed a preselected question each week. And at the end of the year, those answers are printed and binded into a beautiful book to be enjoyed for generations. Time Capsule is so easy, so meaningful, and the perfect way to bring your family together.  It’s why we think Time Capsule tops the list for best gifts for grandparents. 
  1. We believe that you can teach an old dog new tricks, and that’s why a Masterclass subscription makes our list for the best gifts for grandparents. For $15 a month, Masterclass offers over 150 classes, so whether your grandparent is interested in French pastries, ukulele, or space exploration, there’s likely a class that’ll get them excited.
  1. We also like Grandfather’s Journal by Laura Westlake, and Grandmother’s Journal by Blue Streak when looking at best gifts for grandparents. These journals provide plenty of space to help preserve your grandparent’s thoughts and memories, while also prompting stories you never knew to ask about. Each of these books cost about $15 on Amazon. We recommend gifting them with a nice, fade-free pen.

For gifts that you can turn into an activity to do with your grandparent, check out these next two on our best gifts for grandparents list. 

  1. Sometimes it’s just about asking the right questions, and that’s why we love TableTopics Grandparents and Grandkids as one of our best gifts for grandparents. A beautiful card deck with 135 meaningful conversation starters, each card provides an opportunity to learn something new about your grandparent and make the most of your time together. And, it’s budget friendly at only $25.
  1. Anytime we can turn our favorite photos into an afternoon of fun with our grandparents, it’s going to make our list of best gifts for grandparents. And we think Shutterfly’s photo puzzles are the coolest. Upload a favorite photo, or many, and choose from one of Shutterfly’s many puzzle templates. These custom puzzles also arrive in a matching box. Prices start at about $16.  

And that’s all for this non-exhaustive list of interactive and best gifts for your grandparents. 

If you're ready to see what your Time Capsule might look like, click here!